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You can 'Dine with Pride' at restaurants supporting Pride Fest

Posted at 3:29 AM, Jul 07, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS — Even though this year's Pride Festival is canceled in Colorado Springs, you can still go out today to celebrate by "Dining with Pride" at restaurants doing their part to make sure the event still continues next year.

Colorado Springs PrideFest, the nonprofit in charge of putting on the festival each year, is struggling because there's no event so they're missing out on the opportunity to fundraise thousands of dollars to start planning the next year's event.

But restaurants in town have stepped up to donate what they can, so to show their thanks and also give folks the chance to celebrate, they're hosting "Dine with Pride," a day where you can enjoy a nice meal out while supporting for the LGBTQ community.

Stir Coffee and Cocktails is one of those restaurants showing their support, making it clear even though PrideFest is canceled, they're still welcoming all who want to celebrate, while raising awareness about the LGBTQ community and perpetuating a message of equality.

"It's a celebration," said Aaron Stielstra, the bar manager at Stir Coffee and Cocktails. "Here we are, we're still out and proud. Yes, we can't be in the streets like we normally would, celebrating and having parades. But we can still celebrate as a community and maybe this will make us even stronger."

Here is a full list of participating restaurants:

  • Stir Coffee and Cocktails
  • 503W
  • Streetcar520
  • Colorado Craft Tejon Street Social
  • Bar-K
  • Springs Orleans
  • Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar

Colorado Springs PrideFest says "Dine with Pride' is more than just about the money, and rather it's about showing solidarity with the LGBTQ community and providing a welcoming space for folks to celebrate. Instead of the usual festival, PrideFest is planning a series of events throughout the week, ending with a PrideFest motorcade from northern Colorado Springs to southern Colorado Springs on Sunday morning.

Below are the full list of official events for 2020 Colorado Springs PrideFest Week:

Monday July 6 – Ally up Rainbow Day: decorate with and wear rainbows to show your support for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Tuesday, July 7 – Dine with Pride: DIne out at PrideFest ally restaurants to support PrideFest. Part of your bill will be donated to PrideFest.

Wednesday, July 8 – Pride Bingo: Pride bingo with the United Court of the Pikes Peak Empire at Club Q

Thursday, July 9 – Share your pride: Post on Facebook and other social media about your Pride, use #COSPRIDEFEST

Friday, July 10 – PrideFest weekend kickoff: Drag shows and other PrideFest events throughout the city.

Saturday, July 11 – Virtual PrideFestPrideFest events throughout the city and a virtual drag show live on Facebook.

Sunday, July 12 – PrideFest Motorcade and Virtual Events: Join us to drive across the city to show our pride.