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Woman says apartment heater hasn't worked in two months

Posted at 5:19 PM, Dec 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-24 00:58:12-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — A Colorado Springs family living in an apartment say their heater hasn't been working in more than months.

The worst part is they're not any closer to getting it fixed.

Monday, December 23rd, is they day she hoped the heater inside her apartment would finally work again.

It's the date their property management company had promised.

Except, this is the third time they've pushed that date back and now, they've lost hope it'll get fixed soon.

Kristi Pritchard lives at University Village Apartments, and showed me three different letters the company sent out, explaining they've repairing a boiler issue since mid-November.

In the meantime, they've been loaning residents space heaters.

But Pritchard says it's run up her electric bill - and they're not getting any compensation.
She estimates her electric bill has gone up more than $40 since she started using the space heater.

Without it, though, she says temperatures dip to 50 degrees.

"I should be able to come home into a warm, comfortable home," Pritchard said.
"I shouldn't have to walk around in a sweatshirt and my socks and shoes on and extra layers and stuff like that, just so I can be comfortable in my own home."

Pritchard is also concerned for her pets.

She owns a dog and reptiles who rely on heat lamps, and since she can't leave the space heater on when she's not home, she worries about their safety.

Meanwhile, outside, repairs are underway and signs posted show property managers are aware of the situation.

News5 spoke with someone inside the property's management office who says they are not offering up any official statement.

We'll continue to follow this story and let you know what happens.