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With the right ingredients, local bakery thrives during pandemic

Posted at 4:04 PM, Aug 23, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS — If you've ever been to Icing on the Cake in Colorado Springs, it's the kind of bakery where your taste buds will be tempted. The bakery specializes in making high-end cakes and desserts in Southern Colorado.

If you're a regular customer, chances are all the bakers know you by first name. If you're not, whoever is your server will learn who you are before the scent of a fresh cupcake hits your nose.

"Our customers come first. Our customers kind of become our friends," explained Mischa Halberg, owner of the bakery.

At the start of the pandemic, Halberg says she had to lay off a couple of her employees just to stay afloat.

"There were so many unknowns in the beginning and having to lay off so many employees in the beginning it was very scary," she said.

Luckily with the help of her staff and loyal customers, she was able to keep baking. Halberg and her staff are not only counting their blessings but they're also counting all the orders they have to fill for birthdays, weddings, and other holidays.

"The hardest part is probably when we get overwhelmed with orders and just trying to keep up with everything, but it's also the most fulfilling part because we're staying in business," said Chelsea Do, head decorator at Icing on the Cake.

Just like every business, the bakery has had to make some changes. All the decorators must wear masks, and everyone sanitizes their work stations periodically.

"We now have to wear masks and we have to sanitize after everything. We also have to wear gloves. Before you could kind of enjoy the air, now it's very enclosed." Do said.

They may not be able to smell the aromas of delicious cakes, but they are breathing in a sigh of relief knowing that a small touch of customer service can go a long way.

"Luckily we've charged through and have been able to stay open and its because we have amazing customers," Halberg said.

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