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Wintry weather caused delays to Rockrimmon construction

Crews hoping to finish work by Thanksgiving
Posted at 3:27 PM, Nov 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-04 19:32:47-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — Construction projects across Colorado Springs are feeling the impact of the recent cold and snowy weather across the Pikes Peak Region. Crews completely rebuilding the street and sidewalks in Rockrimmon are trying to make up for lost time, but city officials say if they don't get the work done in the next few weeks they'll have to pay up in penalties.

For months now drivers going to and from Rockrimmon have been weaving through construction barrels waiting for the road work to be completed. This project was supposed to be done by Halloween, but now crews are just hoping to get this done before Thanksgiving.

In Rockrimmon, construction crews have spent months completely rebuilding the streets drainage system and sidewalks. This project was scheduled to be done by October 31st, but if you are traveling through the area public works leaders say this project is still weeks away from being finished.

"Mother nature had a lot to say about our schedule. And clearly here in October with the early snows we've had have also put a damper on production out there," said Colorado Springs Public Works leader Corey Farkas.

The city re-negotiated with the contractor on the deadline. Now the hope is work will be done by the end of November. If not, the city says the contractor will have to pay up for any additional delays.

"So we're looking middle to late November before those liquidated damages would start being assessed on the contractor," said Farkas.

On a road project like the one in Rockrimmon snow and frigid temperatures can cause serious problems. The wintry weather can shut down the entire opertation for days.

"The storm will hit. It'll put a damper on things for a week, but then there are some clean up things and some inspection that needs to happen prior to us moving forward. The last thing we want to do is try to lay asphalt over frozen sub-grade and have issues come spring time with a failing road," said Farkas.

Rockrimmon residents are hoping two new traffic lights along Rockrimmon Boulevard will help to make this corridor safer. It could be months before those traffic lights are ready, but the city hopes construction cones will soon be gone.

"We're really focusing on getting that road put back together so we can pull that cone zone out before the holidays," said Farkas.

Public works leaders say almost all of the 2C projects have been completed on time, but wintry weather has caused some delays. We can expect construction workers to be busy in Colorado Springs year-round. Projects that include cement work and water pipes will continue through the winter months.