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When and where to book travel this year and next: Local travel agent weighs in

Posted at 5:57 PM, Jun 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-17 08:05:49-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — With so many restrictions lifting across the state, country, and many other places around the world a lot of people are now asking: should I be booking travel and when?

Things may be improving, but there's obviously still uncertainty about what the coronavirus could do in the coming months. We reached out to some local people to find out what they have to say about future travel plans.

"I think we've watched this thing kind of evolve and take shape, and we're just ready to move on with life and ready to get out there and explore," said Nicole Croney, a resident of Colorado Springs.

Croney shared that she and her family just got back from a road trip to Las Vegas. While she doesn't have any major trips planned for now she said, "I feel comfortable traveling. We have airfare vouchers for my two teenage daughters to go back to Washington and see their family...we're looking at dates in the near future, probably towards the middle of July."

But like a lot of things these days it's a game of wait and see, especially when it comes to booking or re-booking a trip.

Charlie Brown, owner of Charlie Brown's Goodtime Travel, said, "I think for the most part people are just very concerned about if they book something will all of this be settled down enough so that they can actually take the trip when it does come around."

So should people be making plans right now? Brown believes that if you want to go somewhere next year then the answer is yes.

"If they want to go somewhere this year there's lots of availability, but that cloud is really hanging over the rest of this year as far as what's COVID going to do? Is it going to come back in the fall and the winter?" he said.

His recommendation - if you want to travel this year stick with domestic trips and get protection for them if they need to be canceled.

As for 2021, Brown said, "What's happening is next year everything is filling up really fast."

It's because of all the cancellations and everyone re-booking.

Brown said, "I do encourage people that might be thinking about going somewhere that don't already have something in place - you better get busy."

As for Croney, she said, "We're taking it one day at a time and ready to get out there and see what we can do."