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Weather warnings trigger hail memories for Fountain

Fountain residents reflect on the damage of 2018
Weather warnings bring up memories of 2018 hail storms for Fountain residents
Posted at 9:42 PM, Jun 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-26 23:42:43-04

FOUNTAIN — Southern Coloradans are ready to brace themselves when hail may be coming, but those who live in Fountain have flashbacks to massive storms in 2018, which caused millions of dollars in damages.

On Friday, many weather alerts were issued, with the possibility of hail. News5 watched some Fountain residents prep for the potential by putting cars in garages, or covering them in some fashion. "I'm sure everybody gets a little nervous... We're still working on roofs from 2018... It takes an emotional toll on people, people selling houses, people buying houses," said the President of Weathercraft Company of Colorado, John Fleming.

News5 went to one neighborhood where many said they were hit hard by the hail, both in June and August of 2018. "We we're real lucky. One of the first ones to get our roof fixed, and six weeks later we got hit again," said James Haynes, who has lived in Colorado for around seven years.

Some said the possibility of hail instantly brings them back to 2018. "I have PTSD every time it hails, I freak out... We just hope and pray for the best that it doesn't come, and that she passes everybody by. That's all we can do," said Nathan Burkholder, who experienced tens of thousands of dollars in damages during 2018.

Fortunately for Fountain, the hail stayed farther north on Friday, and came in much smaller sizes than in 2018.