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Supporters of President Donald Trump hold boat rally at Lake Pueblo

Posted at 5:25 PM, Sep 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-14 09:36:29-04

PUEBLO — Hundreds of supporters of President Donald Trump showed their enthusiasm by holding a boat parade and rally at Lake Pueblo. They told News5 they want four more years, and also weighed in on the president's coronavirus response, and other recent scandals that have emerged in Washington.

Residents from all over southern Colorado showed up with their boats, water skis, and canoes, decked out in "Make America Great Again" flags and decor.

"There is only one choice, let's get real," explained Colorado Springs resident Jim Morton. "Biden does not have it together mentally and President Trump has fulfilled all the promises that I voted for him for, in the first place."

Morton also says he believes the president did nothing wrong when he downplayed the coronavirus.

"If your child falls down and skins their knee, you don't run over and scream and go crazy," Morton explained. "You walk over calmly and say, 'Hey everything is going to be fine.'"

Morton and his wife told News5 they thought the president is being criticized too harshly.

"The man's got to have skin made of steel because he has dealt with a bunch of garbage," said Lannette Morton, also a Colorado Springs resident. "It's done nothing but effects our country and that's why I'm in favor of him even more."

The topic of education also came up. The Mortons talked about how they support the president's "school choice" stance when it comes to our education system.

"School choice for all is wonderful, let's do it. Let's get rid of this public school nonsense. I don't know what this 1619 project is but that is a bunch of crap," Jim Morton said.

Roger and Beth Gearhart, both Pueblo residents, weighed in on race relations and recent scandals in Washington.

"Denver is having their share of uprisings so he needs to somehow go in there and shut this down because really it's hurting the minorities," said Beth Gearhart. "It's the minorities who are losing their businesses."

Roger Gearhart, a veteran, says he believes the president fully supports the military, despite reports that allege the president disparaged veterans.

"There is no way that President Trump has in any way shape or form disparaged the military," Gearhart said. "It bothers me that it has become politicized so much."

For now, these Coloradans will just have to remain boaters until they can become voters in November.