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Tools for motorcyclists to stay safe on the road

Posted at 9:50 PM, Jul 13, 2019

Friday night's motorcycle crash in Briargate marks the fifth fatal traffic accident involving a motorcycle in Colorado Springs.

Though this one involved one motorcyclist, Colorado Springs Police say to avoid more crashes down the line, it's important for everyone to drive defensively and keep an eye out for each other.

Police say the accident also shows how vulnerable motorcyclists can be.

"The vehicle that's being driven does not have the same safety measures that a car does," said Lt. James Sokolik, a spokesperson for Colorado Springs Police Department.

But there are also tools bikers can use to protect themselves.

Curtis Ingham owns the shop "Action Cycles & Leather."

He sells add-ons to make bikes safer for motorcyclists.

"You got a cage around ya, in a car," he explained.
"You got a cage that'll protect ya and a seat belt on. And if you get hit on a motorcycle, the last thing you want to do is ride that motorcycle down. You get away from that bike."

He pointed out pipes that make engines louder so everyone can hear motorcyclists.

"It makes it sound like a motorcycle rather than a sewing machine," he pointed out.

Spotlights help everyone see them.

"The spotlights are on low-beam only and then you flicker it to high-beam and they go on and off," he demonstrated.
"And then your big, main headlight is right [in the middle]."

But in case of a crash, engine guards can protect a driver's legs and ankles.

"You fall, it'll take the initial blow," he assured.

And for protection up top, helmets.

They come in all shapes and sizes, but Ingham says ones with face guards are safest.

"This is what everybody seems to want," he said.
"It's a particular one, what they call the modular helmet."

Ingham also recommends folks take a safety course before they get their first bike.

There are classes at The Motorcycle Academy in the Chapel Hills Mall which teaches all of the basics of riding a motorcycle - while emphasizing safety.

You can find more info here.