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Tips and Tricks for giving back on Colorado Gives Day

Tips and Tricks for giving back on Colorado Gives Day
Posted at 6:27 AM, Dec 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-07 09:21:18-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — Today is Colorado Gives Day. While it is the season of giving, it’s important to do some research before donating to charities.

From Facebook donations to organizations calling you, it seems like there are endless ways to give back to charities.

While it’s generous to give back to charities if you have the means to do so, it is also important to make sure you’re donating to a worthy cause. Don’t be quick to donate because you recognize the high-profile name of the charity. In order to make sure your dollars are being spent to help a cause you’re passionate about, it’s necessary to do some additional research before giving.

I spoke with Laurie Styron, an expert at Charity Watch, an organization that does in-depth research on charities. She says there are charities doing amazing work out there, but you need to make sure your money is going directly to the cause that charity is claiming to support. Veterans, children with cancer, and sick or injured animal charities are often emotionally charged, and you should be wary of these.

“Because those causes are easier to raise money for, they also attract a lot of predatory people. So when you encounter a solicitation that is very emotionally charged, has very imagery designed to make you feel guilty if you don’t give, be extra careful to check out that charity before you donate,” said Laurie Styron, Executive Director of Charity Watch.

“Highly efficient nonprofits are generally able to spend at least 75 percent of their cash budgets directly on their programs and they spend no more than 25 dollars to raise every 100 dollars of cash,” said Laurie.

The good news is there are several helpful websites that allow you to do background checks on the charities of your choosing. See below for a list of those helpful organizations.

Helpful sites for finding the right charity-

-Secretary of State’s website

The best way to make sure your money is going directly to a charity you’re passionate about is to go to that charity’s website and donate. Try to avoid using a third party to donate if possible. See below for more information.

Tips and Tricks-

  • Know your charity 
  • Be aware of where your dollars go 
  • Do not respond to pressure 
  • Try to avoid using a third party to donate 
  • Keep records of your donations 

For more information on Colorado Gives Day, visit here.