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Three priorities drive Yemi Mobolade's 100-day plan, chief of staff announced

Posted at 9:54 PM, May 31, 2023

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO — Wednesday, Colorado Springs Mayor-elect Yemi Mobolade shared what he plans to do in his first 100 days as Mayor of Colorado Springs.

The three top priorities are working with government officials, building public confidence, and making movement on his campaign promises.

Those included public safety, housing and infrastructure, and economic vitality.

For each of the priorities, Colorado Springs Mayor-elect Yemi Mobolade has laid out some specifics including more conversations with the community.

“Through town halls, through roundtables, through fireside chats in people's homes and neighborhoods, I will continue to learn about the issues and be close to the issues, be close to the residents," said Mobolade.

He wants to develop a five-year plan to improve response times from the police and fire departments and recruit more first responders by focusing on what he calls "closing the backdoor" and focusing on maintaining officers.

Mobolade also hopes to add more homeless outreach team officers to address illegal camping, part of that includes addressing mental health.

“Many of our residents feel unsafe, particularly when it comes to access to our trail systems, and with illegal camping, so I'll be addressing that first of all from a budget perspective,” said Mobolade.

More affordable housing and getting homeless off the streets are also a priority.

“As we grow our services, that we are able to guide our homeless residents from the street, into taking advantage of these opportunities,” said Mayor-elect Mobolade.

Mobolade also announced his Chief of Staff, Jamie Fabos, who is the current General Manager of Public Affairs with Colorado Springs Utilities and worked as the City of Colorado Springs' Chief Communications Officer from 2015 to 2022.

“Our city is at a crossroads right now, where we are growing so quickly, that we can't just do the same as we've been doing before, we need those creative solutions, and Yemi is such a visionary leader who's open to those ideas,” said Fabos.

In his first three months, Mobolade also wants to review the 2024 budget recommendations and establish the priorities.

“I have the opportunity to just make a lot of quick wins, and earn the trust of the community, said Mobolade. "I want to get a lot of things done.”

Mobolade will be sworn in on June 6th, and his 100th day in office will be in September.

Part of his promise of transparency is publishing a progress report on the city's website with everything he's worked on so far. You can view Mobolade's 100-day plan here.

News5 plans to check in on these promises throughout his first 100 days moving forward on Mobolade's future promises for the city.

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