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Thief steals vehicle from Pueblo Meals on Wheels volunteer

Posted at 5:29 PM, Jun 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-19 15:52:13-04

PUEBLO — A Pueblo man needs your help after he says his car was stolen while delivering Meals on Wheels to seniors in need.

Pueblo Police say it all started at a Loaf 'N Jug near 17th and Francisco. They say a man was causing a disturbance and trying to steal stuff from the store. Someone started chasing him, he took off, and ended up driving away in Michael Chapman's car which was nearby.

"I was delivering a Meals on Wheels to a client," said Chapman. It's something the volunteer has done a few times a week for the last several months, but on Monday morning around 11:45 his normal delivery took a turn.

He said, "I was only away from the vehicle maybe 10 seconds. It happened so quick and I heard shouting behind me, and I turn and look and see my car speeding down the road."

The car getting stolen was a shock and a huge loss for Chapman.

"I cut the ignition on the vehicle and I left the keys in the handle by the door which was a lapse in judgment."

The car is a 2017 dark blue Jeep Compass. Besides the vehicle, Chapman shared that the thief also got away with the rest of the meals inside and his pistol.

"It was also my phone. Losing that was almost secondary to losing the vehicle...I had my dashing equipment because I'm a food dasher.

Despite what happened, Chapman is back on the road with another vehicle and serving the community once again.

He said, "I do it for those people that need food."

He is asking that people keep an eye out for his car. There is a small dent on the tailgate to the right of the license plate. If you have any information on his vehicle please call police.