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The Pikes Peak AdAmAn Club sets out for its 100th annual fireworks display

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Posted at 7:28 AM, Dec 30, 2021

The Pikes Peak AdAmAn Club is making the 100th trek up Pikes Peak today to fulfill the long-standing tradition of the New Year's Eve fireworks.

The club dates back 99 years, after a group of what was known as the “Frozen Five” decided to venture up the mountains and launch the first set of fireworks. Little did they know that this mountaineering group would become the Pikes Peak AdAmAn Club a year later.

99 years later, the club has added a new member each year, along with several other traditions.

Despite wind chill and negative temperatures, the club makes this trek, all while deepening their camaraderie.

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In the past, the group would start a fire on the mountain top, to let their loved ones know they were okay. With modern technology and fire danger, this is no longer possible.
However, a new tradition has arisen. On day two of the hike, the group displays mirrors out from the mountainside from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. hour from the "A" frame.
From here residents in the state can see the mirrors and light display. Many residents participate and shine their lights back, creating a feeling that’s worthwhile for the hikers.

For more information on the club, visit here.