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Task force launched to solve case behind mysterious drones

Posted at 9:30 PM, Jan 06, 2020

BRUSH — A task force is working to find out more about the mysterious drones seen in the skies of northeastern Colorado and western Nebraska.

Who is behind them and why are they there?

Even after a closed-door meeting in Brush on Monday law enforcement still doesn't know who's behind it. Officials say there's still a question of whether the drones could be military-related, but several agencies like the FAA and the Air Force have said they do not have information about the drones.

Law enforcement fears that if people continue to see these aircrafts someone could get hurt.

Phillips County Sheriff Tom Elliott said, "If somebody would just come forward and own it, and we could put this thing to rest and we could go on to more important things...I don't think it's silly. It's causing fear in people and that's not funny."

The drone task force that's been launched is with local, state, and federal agencies including Homeland Security.

Ian Gregor, spokesman for the FAA, said it's "to try to determine what it is that people are seeing and if it is in fact drones, who the operator is, and what the reason is for the flight."

The sooner they figure all this out the better.

Sheriff Elliott said, "The real concern with me is somebody's going to get carried away and they're going to shoot down or shoot at a Flight for Life helicopter that are flying in and out of these hospitals."

While Morgan County Sheriff Dave Martin says he's not aware of any local crime that has been committed he shared that "it is very unnerving for our citizens not only in Morgan County, but throughout northeast Colorado."

The FAA says it has contacted drone test site operators and drone companies, but doesn't know if they are behind the flights.

The task force is looking out for a "command vehicle" that could be operating the drones. They're asking that if you see a vehicle that looks out of place for the area to please contact local police. It may be a closed box trailer with antennas on the top or a large van.