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Rally at Colorado capitol to protest election results remains mostly peaceful

Posted at 10:00 AM, Jan 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-07 00:50:16-05

DENVER — A rally organized by Colorado Election Integrity Project and the MAGA Drag Colorado Facebook group took place in Denver Wednesday afternoon at the Colorado State Capitol to protest election results.

The event flyer labeled as "We Are The Storm" includes a quote from former general and Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn, calling for "patriots across our nation's capitol should respectfully & peacefully protest this fraudulent election at your state's capitols."

News5's Andy Koen was at the rally where he reported seeing members of the Proud Boys. This protest kicked off while a joint session to accept the Electoral College votes confirming President-elect Joe Biden’s presidential election win was taking place.

The group played a live audio stream from Congress before Jim Saunders of the Colorado Election Integrity Project used the PA system to address the crowd.

"This thing is bigger, really, than Donald Trump and Joe Biden," Saunders said.

The group sang patriotic songs and knelt in prayer. They seemed to be unaware that a group of rioters had stormed the US Capitol in Washington, D.C.

Jessica Bell and Heidi Marion said they took part because they compelled to speak out.

"There's just been so much fraud reported and I've seen just so many things about that, and I really, I would like an investigation to be completely honest," Bell said.

"We have children that we want to raise in a democrative healthy country and we want to keep it that way," added Marion.

Jeff Ryan and Gregory Krupicka blew on rams horns they called shofars.

Krupicka explained that blowing the shofar is an act of worship.

"Is there an enemy in your camp, let him blow the horn and God in heaven will hear your prayers," he said quoting scripture.

Ryan said he believes the election was stolen.

"I went to sleep that night after the election and I'm like, wait a minute, I was all believing that it looked really good, that Trump won and then I wake up in the morning and they say no he's behind now. What happened," he said.

Regardless of how they expressed themselves, those who took part in the protest shared the desire to get elected leaders in Washington to listen.

"We really hope that our Congress and senators decide to choose what's right for the country," said Bell.

By around 3:30 p.m., much of the crowd began to leave. However, a small group of Trump supporters stayed behind to wave flags at passing vehicles.

A gathering of counter-protesters lined up across the street. Two men got into a fight about an hour after the rally had ended. Denver police officers arrested three people for disturbing the peace, having a taser, and fighting.

Mayor Michael Hancock ordered city offices and buildings in the downtown Denver area closed early Wednesday.

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