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Support grows for creating a national COVID memorial day

Posted at 3:52 PM, May 23, 2021

SOUTHERN COLORADO — As COVID cases drop and more people get vaccinated, the families of people who've died because of COVID, want to make sure their loved ones are remembered.

"Marked By COVID" is an advocacy group founded during the pandemic. Group members are pushing to make March First, COVID-19 Victims and Survivors Memorial Day. Members of this organization, fear the country's eagerness to return back to normal, will overshadow the losses of the last year.

"Honoring the grief and really carving out time and space for individuals for families to grieve, for us to grieve as a nation, is so imperative to our ability to not only move forward, but to also learn from this tragedy," said Kristin Urquiza, Co-Founder of the group.

Right now members are working with congress to establish a permanent federal COVID-19 Memorial Day, to help people process their grief.

Nearly 50 representatives in the U.S House are co-sponsoring a bill. Activists also want states to receive funding to add their own memorials, and want lawmakers to consider providing access and compensation for mental health grief counseling.

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