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Small businesses consider creative options to stay afloat

Posted at 10:22 PM, Mar 24, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS — Small businesses are continuing to face struggles amid the coronavirus pandemic, but many are working through these tough times and coming up with creative ideas to keep going.

We reached out to two unique businesses: Why Wait Stories, a video storytelling company (in the process of launching soon), and Launch Coaching LLC, a life coaching business.

Lauren Ferrara, founder of Why Wait Stories, said, "My hope was to launch it on April 7th which would've been my dad's 72nd birthday."

It was an idea that sparked when Ferrara lost her dad four years ago: producing documentaries for those wanting to leave behind their legacy.

She said, "The original model was focus on older people, end of life. I was trying to partner with a lot of retirement homes and do mini sessions at retirement homes...obviously nobody's coming in or out of retirement communities right now."

So she's having to change how she does her job as well as her business model and clientele.

"We're always six feet away...why not do this for a graduating senior? There's so many cool moments that happen over the course of your life and why not honor and celebrate all of them...especially when graduations are up in the air, prom is up in the air."

It's challenging right now what Ferrara is trying to accomplish and the same goes for Becky Cleveland, life coach and owner of Launch Coaching LLC.

Cleveland said, "Overnight, I've not been able to meet with people one-on-one or even go into companies and so it has transitioned my work into the home and more of in a virtual loses some of that human touch when you are having to be behind a camera."

But she's doing what she can to keep clientele.

She said, "I'm trying to consider how we could get small groups together that could be support groups for people who are in this season of trying to figure out what's next."

As for Ferrara - her hope is to still officially launch her business on April 7th.

"My plan is to keep on keeping on...I believe that people are still willing to invest in things that they care about so I'm just going to give it my best shot."

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And, of course, remember to support all your local businesses during this tough time.