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Restaurants working to stay afloat amid coronavirus restrictions

Posted at 10:32 PM, Mar 17, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS — Colorado's 30-day temporary suspension of all dine-in services at restaurants and bars is now in effect.

While it's a major hit to businesses and workers they're doing their best to stay afloat and the community is showing their support. With so many people isolated from work and school many ventured out on Tuesday to get a meal and shop local. Pick-up and delivery orders are still allowed and that's what's keeping a lot of restaurants busy as restrictions due to the coronavirus are in place.

Meredith Klube, business manager and event coordinator at Jack Quinn's Irish Pub & Restaurant, said, "We had kept our fingers crossed and we had so many plans for today."

On what's usually its busiest day of the year Jack Quinn's was practically empty on St. Patrick's Day. Klube described it as heartbreaking, even more so when considering staff.

"Because we're not able to be open we have no bar business, no dine-in business. We've had to cut back to pretty skeleton staff."

It's a major hit especially this week.

"Overtime was being expected."

But during this time of uncertainty Jack Quinn's is trying to retain a sense of normalcy for customers.

Christa Harvey said, "Going out to eat, going out to restaurants and stuff is like a very communal thing and so when you can't go and do that with your friends and family I almost feel like there's kind of a disconnect."

So she and Sam Smith are trying to make up for that disconnect and support local businesses.

Smith said, "We really like the food and sometimes you just get tired of homemade food."

Klube said, "All of our Irish traditions, all the stuff people love at Jack Quinn's - Shepherd's Pie, Fish 'n' Chips, Corn Beef & Cabbage - that's going to be offered fully for pick-up."

Curbside and home delivery are also available.

Klube said, "Today has been crazy, the overwhelming support from the city."

The same is true at The Bar in Falcon.

Co-owner Katy Swann said, "The Falcon community has already shown they're amazing...we've already seen that support in people wanting to come out and help us."

That help - it's something she hopes will continue until restrictions are lifted.

"The food certainly helps, but you know the majority of our money is actually made on liquor and beer sales...lots of concern, certainly, if it extends beyond the 30 days."

But for now, The Bar, known as the neighborhood gathering place in Falcon, will continue to be just that.

Swann said, "They need to have options and you know even if it is just coming out and we get to see them for two seconds while we pass off a tray of food we'd like to continue doing that and provide at least some normalcy in our everyday living."

Besides restaurants and bars being impacted large places of gatherings such as gyms and casinos are shut down during this 30-day suspension.