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Restaurants, fitness centers await date to reopen

Posted at 6:38 PM, May 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-08 14:30:07-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — Many businesses in Colorado are still waiting for the all-clear to reopen including places like restaurants and fitness centers.

While there is no specific date yet for reopening, they are still making preparations to keep people safe once that happens.

When asked when they'll reopen the only answer restaurants can give right now is possibly mid-May. As for gyms - there's even less information on when they'll be able to open their doors and what that will look like.

Dieter Schnakenberg, owner/manager at Edelweiss German Restaurant, said, "We're hoping mid-May and we're really hoping that the governor says that we can do that."

After a long and tough seven weeks, Schnakenberg and the rest of the crew at the restaurant are ready to get customers back into the building and onto the patio.

Schnakenberg said, '"We've started looking at 30% to 50% capacity. We started stacking chairs and tables to almost force distancing between walkways and tables. We have little signs made up that we'll put on the tables that we don't seat to say "This table is reserved for your protection."'

Due to restrictions, the restaurant is doing online and drive-thru orders. While Schnakenberg says he understands the state is trying to keep people safe "we're losing tens of thousands a month."

Now, he's hoping more than ever that the state will give the green light for restaurants to reopen this month.

He said, "I would just like to say that we can be ready."

Fitness centers are also playing the waiting game.

Clint Jordan said, "Looking forward to opening and trying to find the best and safest way to do that for our clients."

Jordan and Lisa Vazquez own CrossFit Bonnie & Clyde.

Jordan said, "Keeping the connection and the community going's been probably the biggest struggle."

Unlike other businesses "we're not in a rush to open because of financial reasons," said Vazquez. "We can sit back and really think about what is our top priority for opening? And that's our member's health and safety."

Right now, they're brainstorming safe solutions for them.

Jordan said they may "want to open outdoors first...we're knocking down some walls in the gym to make more open space if we need to start sectioning off 4x6 things for social distancing."

Even though these businesses are still waiting for the all-clear you can still support them, especially restaurants this weekend. It is Mother's Day so consider ordering from your favorite mom and pop shop.