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Recycle old devices this holiday season

Posted at 9:41 PM, Dec 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-20 00:16:42-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — By this time next week the presents will be opened and you might have a brand new electronic device in your home: a TV, iPhone, or laptop.

So what do you do with those old devices that are lying around? It's as easy as calling to get those devices picked up at your home which comes with a fee or dropping them off. But no matter the cost you'll know you've saved yourself and others from releasing dangerous chemicals into the environment.

"No more excuses about how expensive or costly recycling is for your electronics."

That's the message Kimberly Johnston, owner of E-Tech Recylers and Asset Solutions, wants everyone to hear this holiday season.

She said, "We would rather have them come here for proper recycling and responsible recycling as well rather than being just thrown on the side of the street."

Or - in the trash, which sadly is what some people are doing. But remember - it's illegal, you run the risk of the information stored in these devices being compromised, and finally, it's just bad for the environment.

Johnston said, "There's just a lot of hazardous chemicals that are placed in making those computers that you don't want them to go into the landfill."

It's why Johnston is encouraging people to bring those unwanted items to E-Tech.

"Televisions are probably our number one item that come through the doors here."

Let's say your TV weighs about 30 pounds. At $.58/lb it'll cost you about $17 to have it recycled.

For laptops Johnston said, "We actually pay out for those items and we pay $.10/lb for any computers and laptops and servers that come in."

Shredding your hard drive costs about $8. Items like tablet computers, mobile devices, iPods, and gaming devices are free to get rid of as well as universal items.

"That would be anything like your microwave ovens, your printers, fax machines, your phones."

Johnston said some of the items are refurbished and end up at the Think Green Computers store. The computers also go over to the E-Tech Learning Center where adults with developmental disabilities are trained in basic workforce skills by learning how to tear down recycled computers.

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