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Pueblo pepper picked in Durango taste test

Debate over green chile continues
Green Chile debate continues
Posted at 10:59 PM, Aug 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-03 00:59:58-04

PUEBLO — A spicy subject has been hotly contested on social media between both of the governors of Colorado and New Mexico, and the question continues: which state really has the best green chile? A taste test from Carver Brewing Company in Durango claimed Pueblo Green Chile is the winner, with 77% of the vote. The test is especially timely, with the Pueblo peppers harvest starting.

Barbara Childress visited Pueblo from Texas, and plans to take some of the little green gems home with her. She said she's been eating as much Pueblo Green Chile as she can while here, and is excited to bring some with her. Plus, "we're coming back in September, and we'll take a larger quantity back with us then," said Childress, who lives in Mission, Texas.

At Milberger Farms, they have started harvesting their Pueblo Green Chiles. "We've been bombarded with, 'when are they going to be ready? How soon can I come get them?' Well, they're ready," said second generation farmer Dalton Milberger. Milberger also said the unique climate of Pueblo contributes to the special taste of the peppers.

Carla Houghton, a manager of Mauro Farms and Bakery, said this season has been difficult because of the weather. "Chile's looking like it's going to be a little late. The water, and all of the rain has taken it's toll," said Houghton. She said they will still harvest their chiles, but it will happen about a week later than normal. Houghton also said the rain has impacted several farms, not just Mauro Farms. After News 5 spoke with Houghton, it rained in Pueblo.

Despite the struggles of farming Pueblo Green Chiles, Childress said they are no doubt her favorite, even though she has previously spent time in New Mexico. "Had exposure to the Hatch Green Chiles, they're really good, they really are, but nothing like Pueblo Chile... I prefer Pueblo," said Childress.

News 5 spoke with a handful of restaurants in Pueblo to see if there are any plans to have a taste test here, but out of the ones we talked to, there are no plans so far. If you know of any plans for a taste test, reach out to us.