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Pueblo Fire, community brings Christmas to deserving child

Posted at 5:28 PM, Dec 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-21 14:17:17-05

PUEBLO — Christmas hasn't always been filled with presents, love and joy for a 10-year-old in Pueblo.

Back in 2013, Satalo Pino lost the majority of his family in a house fire. He was 4 at the time, but he was saved.

His grandmother, Lisa Martinez, recalled that fateful day, where Satalo seemingly lost everything.

"His brother and mom died, and Tim (Trujillo) and all the firefighters rescued him," Martinez said.

From that day on, though, Satalo would be welcomed into a new family, thanks to the Pueblo firefighters that helped rescue him from the home. And on Friday, that family rallied around Satalo to help bring a positive memory at Christmas time through a number of gifts.

Presents aside, Satalo said he feels the family spirit from the firefighters.

"They're good. I think they're my friends. And they enjoy me, and I enjoy them," Pino said.

Tim Trujillo, community risk reduction coordinator for the Pueblo Fire Department, responded to the call in 2013.

He pulled Satalo out of the home.

"He's my guy, you know what I mean? He's a part of my family. I love that kid," Trujillo said, fighting back tears.

Trujillo said the worst part of firefighting is that they rarely get to follow up with the people they encounter on calls for service, but that hasn't been the case here.

The two actually met on a separate fire, according to Trujillo. He said he saw Satalo standing on the curb, didn't recognize him at first but later realized they knew each other.

It was the start of a bond that is still flourishing to this day, and Martinez said it's paying dividends for Satalo.

"It's made such a big difference," she said. "You can the sparkle in his eyes."

Community partners bring quality gifts

While dozens of Pueblo firefighters were taking part in a workout led by Professional Bull Riding performance experts at their new Sport Performance Center in the Pueblo Convention Center, Satalo came to say hello and receive his gifts.

Firefighters have partnered with PBR ahead of next summer's Colorado Police and Fire Games, which will be held in Pueblo.

He received gift cards and other wrapped presents, and Benfatti Furniture is letting the 10-year-old pick out a brand new full-sized bed for free. He'd been sharing a bed with his grandmother since the fire.

PBR also brought in Keyshawn Whitehorse, the 33rd-ranked rider in the sport, to present Satalo with his gifts.

"$200 gift card, imagine all the things you can buy from Walmart," Whitehorse told Satalo.

Antwon Burton, executive director of performance at the PBR Sport Performance Center, led the workout, which included hundreds of repetitions on bench press, push-ups, crunches and the "farmer's carry".

Burton told News 5 he was moved to hear Satalo and Martinez tell their story. He felt the community had to rally around these two, especially during the season of giving, and that he felt proud of the firefighters for the work they do both in and outside their job descriptions.

"I'm very happy that they're our firefighters, not only for their physicality, but I know for a fact they care about the community they're in," Burton said.

And it all spanned from a horrible tragedy nearly six years ago. Firefighters didn't just save his life. They gave him a chance to live it.