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Pueblo Chick-fil-A workers yelled, cussed at over mask mandate, says owner

Posted at 6:18 PM, Jul 20, 2020

PUEBLO — There have been mixed reactions to Colorado's latest mask mandate and it's causing some problems for businesses.

On Monday, News 5 spoke with one business that's had to deal with some pretty tough customers who won't comply.

We learned that a few days ago the owner and operator of the Chick-fil-A in Pueblo posted to Facebook talking about just how many times her team members have been yelled and cussed at for simply doing their job - not allowing people in who aren't wearing masks.

Owner/Operator Sydney Miller said, "I really have to make sure that I'm taking care of my guests and my team, and my community along the way."

Whether she agrees with the mask mandate or not, this is Miller's job.

Since the mandate went into effect she said, "We've had some people that have been angry, upset, taking it out on our team members...we have people that would prefer not to wear them which I completely understand."

However, the bottom line is that "if we do not enforce the mask mandate then we are at risk of losing our business license and having to close our doors in which case we would lose our 90 staff members," said Miller.

The staff members she's talking about are people who rely on a paycheck to take care of themselves and their families. These difficult interactions with customers prompted Miller to make a Facebook post addressing the Pueblo community.

Miller said, "Just reminding them that we're all in this together. Kindness goes a long way. The kids here that are working for me didn't make the decision, but they're the ones that are having to enforce it."

She explained that since putting up the post there has been an outpouring of love and support for her team.

Pueblo residents like Sarah Marmolejo said, "They can just go in for a couple of minutes and order their food with a mask on. I don't think it's that hard to do."

Pueblo West resident Justin Bruccoliere said, "You should probably wear your mask just for the safety of anybody and also...just to be courteous to the other customers and the people working there."

Miller shared that only those who have a health exemption or are 10 years old and younger are allowed in without a mask. If you don't want to wear one consider other options like ordering through the Chick-fil-A app or going through the drive-thru.