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Pueblo cat owner frustrated and upset after her pet is euthanized

Posted at 8:49 PM, Aug 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-15 23:00:05-04

PUEBLO — It's every animal owners worst nightmare and for one Pueblo cat owner, that nightmare became reality. Kari Sears cat named Joey, suffered from epilepsy. Sears says Joey disappeared on August 2nd. The cat was chipped and belonged to an animal alert system.

This week, she learned that her pet was put to sleep and the animal hospital that did the procedure says it did all it could. Sears was told by her neighbor who saw one of Joey's missing posters that she called animal control because she thought the cat was a stray. Joey was picked up and taken to an area emergency pet center because he was suffering from seizures without his medication.

The animal alert system provides posters and help notifying animal services and animal hospitals about a missing pet. Kari says, " They still received a picture notification two days prior to him being to him being brought into their clinic, the notification clearly stated he was epileptic and that he need medication."

News5 reached out to the Pueblo area pet emergency hospital. They say the staff euthanized the cat because it was suffering from seizures and that it's animal control's responsibility to find the chip, which they say couldn't be located. They also say that since there was no owner information at the time, they had to put the cat down because the hospital didn't want to see it suffer.