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Preparing for the possibility of another wind storm

The recent windstorm had an impact on homeowners all over
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Posted at 5:21 PM, Dec 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-26 19:21:11-05

The potentially high winds that could reach roughly 40 miles per hour come less than two weeks after we saw 90-plus mile per hour winds.

"You could just feel the house shaking with the wind," said Taryn Malila

The recent windstorm had an impact on homeowners all over, now they must prepare for the possibility of more damage.

AJ Ruybal owns a tree service company. He and his team have been using cranes to remove trees from houses.

"We are basically setting up where we can and lifting the trees off the houses with a 60-ton crane," said AJ Ruybal, Owner of A-Class Tree Service.

Taryn Malila and Christof Bentele didn't lose any trees at their home, but they do have concerns if high winds affect their home again.

"We have quite a few large trees up against our house that I would be worried about that maybe took damage this time that we didn't see," Malila said.

They used the last windstorm as a lesson to be prepared for the future.

"We definitely need more flashlights and candles in our house," Malila said.

"Yeah, alternative fuel sources for making dinner," said Christof Bentele.

For companies like Ruybal's, more wind damage can set them and other companies like his back.

"There's already a lot of work in town, there's still trees on top of houses, so to get more trees to fall on top of houses customers are going to have to wait a while until the tree services can catch up," Ruybal said.

Ruybal receives about 500 phone calls a day, and he hopes to knock out as much of the work as possible this week.