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Piano marathon raises thousands of dollars for firefighter cancer research

Posted at 10:34 PM, Jul 28, 2019

Colorado Springs native Papi Sorellis spent 24 hours singing and playing the piano to help raise money for firefighter cancer research.

All the donations will benefit Colorado Springs Fire Departments.

"I'm a local fan of his," said Jessie Moore.
"He's a really nice guy and he puts on a good show."

"Anytime he comes here, packs this place," said Sherri Koch, owner of the Chicken Coop.

From 7 p.m Saturday to 7 p.m. Sunday, Sorellis was the music maker at the bar.

"To be able to dedicate 24 hours to that is kind of incredible," said Joshua Landess.

Even though donations were pouring in from all over, a portion of the money coming from drinks and food drinks also went directly to the cause.

"When he came to me and said 'We want to do this at your bar,' we felt honored," Koch added.

This community also felt honored to be able to help their firefighters in some way.

"Anything that happens to do to support our local firefighters, first responders, we're on board - we're all about it, 100 percent," Moore said.

"We all know about the Black Forest Fire," Koch said.
"A lot of friends lost their homes. And the firefighters out here [...] they deserve to have this research."

Landess added, "This [fundraiser] is really, specifically, gonna help the firefighters fight the cancer that they've incurred by saving our community and saving lives."

But if you ask the man behind the tunes, who helped bring this crowd together, he'll say it was all a success thanks to them.

"People spending their time and being consistent with everybody here and having the community come out," Sorellis said.
"And it just takes a lot of work on those ends and we were blessed to have everybody come in on that."

Sorellis helped raise more than $8,000 dollars for firefighter cancer research.