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Paws for Life sees increase in adoptions during the pandemic

Posted at 5:58 PM, Dec 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-04 20:53:14-05

PUEBLO — One animal shelter is full of empty kennels right now, which is a good problem to have.

Pueblo's Paws for Life has seen almost 100 of their animals adopted in just the last two months. As Christmas approaches the staff expects to see even more people come in who are hoping to gift a pet to someone for the upcoming holiday. Madison Webb, the Director of the shelter, said "All of our animals are going home which is really awesome!”

As "awesome" as it is, the staff is concerned that people adopting right now might end up returning their pets once COVID-19 is resolved and people spend less time at home, realizing they bit off more than they can chew.

“That’s a risk that, ya know that we have to run and every rescue and shelter is kind of dealing with right now," said Webb. "We are seeing an influx in adoptions and fostering... but yea once this goes back to normal, will we get 50 animals back?”

Richard Mischiara and his wife adopted "Honey-girl" (pictured above) just over a month ago. He says Honey has become such a big part of his, he can't imagine someone's life without their furry-adopted friend.

"Why anybody would want to, you know after falling in love with a dog bring them back, I couldn’t understand that.”

On top of the pandemic, it's also common for adopters to return pets they've been given as Christmas presents.

"We definitely discourage people from gifting pets," expressed Whitney Lebert, Paws for Life Assistant Manager. "The person receiving may not be on the same page or maybe doesn't have the time or means to care for the pet."

Paws for Life offers several resources to anyone who may be considering giving up their pet to help try and keep them. If money is an issue, the shelter even offers a community food program.

For anyone who maybe wants a furry-friend by their side right now, Paws for Life is always looking for good foster homes to take care of animals temporarily, if committing to adoption is too permanent.

Visits to Paws for Life are currently by appointment only and masks are required.

The shelter posts their adoptions and success stories over on their Facebook page to spread some good news!