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Parents consider micro-schooling approach to learning this fall

Posted at 8:23 AM, Jul 23, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS — With so many unanswered questions, many parents are considering different options when it comes to education, including one called micro-schooling. A micro-school is basically just what it sounds like: a small school that's often run out of someone's home while using remote curriculum.

Dr. Maureen O'Shawnessy started the Micro-School Coalition. She hopes this approach can ease drop-out rates while making sure no kid falls through the cracks.

"We all thrive when we're seen and heard and valued, and that can't always happen if a teacher has 149 other kids to teach that day," O'Shawnessy said.

Micro-schooling can also be used by teachers. O'Shawnessy says this style of learning can also allow teachers to build and foster relationships with each student, and focus on their passions.

"We want to utilize curriculum that our school system is working very hard to create. We by no means are saying that's not good enough for us. We wish, in the perfect world, we could send them back to school and learn what teachers have to learn, but, for various reasons, we are uncomfortable doing that," said Jennifer Quadrozzi of North Andover, Massachusetts. She's created her own resource group for micro-schooling.

Micro-schooling has also been discussed in school districts across the state and nation, as the conversation on how to safely reopen this fall continues.

For in-person learning, D11 plans on bringing all elementary and middle school students back to campus, five days a week. High schools will follow a hybrid model. Every other day students would do in-person learning. On the off days, the students will learn online. Teachers will also have discretion as to whether they think students can safely remove their masks in class if distanced appropriately. Students can also choose to enroll 100% online, but the district is still working to put all the parts to that option in place.

Parents and teachers who are interested in the Micro-School Coalition can get free information sessions and podcasts. If you'd like to learn more, click here.