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No Christmas Eve services being held at the Air Force Academy's historic chapel

Posted at 12:41 PM, Dec 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-13 11:39:48-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — No services are being held at the Cadet Chapel on Christmas Eve this year and for many, it's a yearly tradition. A renovation project is underway with major structural work taking place, so the chapel is closed to the public.

The chapel's closure stems from a $158 million restoration and preservation project, which is designed to fix a longstanding leakage problem that the iconic building has suffered since almost the first day it opened its doors.

As part of the preservation and restoration process, all of the pews on the main level will be removed and restored, along with all of the main-level stained glass and the massive organ.

After quite a bit of deconstruction, crews will build a system that will prevent further leakage. The system is very similar to the one outlined in the chapel's original plans. USAFA representatives say that all the work being done on the chapel will ultimately not change the design look or intent.

Alternate worship locations will be open for cadets and those they escort with USAFA cadet area-badged personnel. These locations include:

  • Catholic: Sunday 10:00 am Mass at Arnold Hall Auditorium and Monday – Thursday 5:30 pm Daily Mass and Wednesday 4:30 pm Eucharistic Adoration/Confessions at Sijan Hall, room 4D45
  • Protestant: Sunday 11:00 am Protestant service at Polaris Hall Auditorium
  • Jewish: Friday Erev Shabbat service 6:30 pm at Sijan Hall, room 403
  • Muslim: Friday Jumu’ah 11:50 am at Sijan Hall, room 409
  • Buddhist: Tuesday/Thursday 6:20 pm meditation at Sijan Hall, room 409
  • Orthodox Christian: Sunday 9:00 am service at Sijan Hall, room 403