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No AC? Check out these 6 ways to beat the heat

Hot Weather Tips
Posted at 6:30 AM, Jun 15, 2021

COLORADO — It’s hot out there, y’all! And many of us are staying inside and blasting the AC. Unfortunately, not everyone has that luxury or chooses not to turn it on because of the cost.

We hear your plight and compiled ways you can beat the heat without an air conditioner.

Close your curtains

Like the guest who has overstayed his welcome, sometimes the sun needs more than subtle hints to scram. Open your windows and runs fans during the evening hours, but as soon as the sun comes up, shut it all down. During the day, make sure every window is blocked from the sun’s rays. Consider getting black-out curtains. If you have well insulated space, the cool air from the previous night should stick around and cool you off.


Keep the air circulating. It makes you feel cooler! Place the fans in the cooler areas of your home so it will draw the air to other parts of your space.

Drink a lot of water

Even when the body is at rest, we are internally producing heat through metabolism. Water helps cool the body. So, drink plenty of cool fluids throughout the day.

Get wet

Spritz yourself with a spray bottle or get your hair wet. If you do this in front of a fan you'll instantly feel the chilling effects.

Avoid using the oven

Try grilling outside during hot days. Using the oven increases the temperature inside your home.

Try this DIY air conditioner

Youtuber Hack College did video on how to make your own AC unit. If you live in small apartment or just want to cool a room, this might work.