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More women are choosing 'At-home births' in Southern Colorado

Posted at 6:02 AM, May 10, 2021

Studies showmore and more women are exploring at-home births, and experts say the pandemic is partly to blame.

For months, expecting moms feared not only catching the Coronavirus, but there was also a concern over who could be in the delivery room. As a result, a lot more women decided o look into having an at-home birth, or delivering at a birthing center.

There are many benefits to giving birth at home. According to the International Journal of Women's Health, they include, lower rates of maternal morbidity, it's often more cost effective, and women who have a planned home births feel comfortable being at home in their own environment, and that can often help with the pain.

At the Beginnings Birth Centerin Colorado Springs, the women guide all their patients, and help them make the best decision. All expecting moms have to have regular prenatal visits, routine lab work, they have to attend educational workshops and classes, and moms get to choose their own Douala; Someone who provides emotional care and support after you've had the baby.

But, there are risk factors that can't be ignored. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists cautions against a planned home birth if:

  • You are pregnant with multiples
  • Your baby doesn't settle into a position that allows for a headfirst delivery
  • You've previously had a C-section

Staff members explained, it's very important to make sure the mother isn't high risk, or doesn't develop any high risk conditions. If this were to happen, the expecting mom would instead have to deliver the baby at a hospital. They also say they monitor the mother very closely, and if something concerning happens, the emergency room is not too far away.