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March is Surrogacy Awareness month, a surrogate on her second journey gives insight to what it's like

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Posted at 10:49 AM, Mar 26, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-26 12:49:31-04

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — As March winds down, it is important to celebrate the month for something it is not usually known for, March is Surrogacy Awareness Month.

Surrogacy can be instrumental in people's lives who are unable to have a baby for a multitude of reasons, which can include health risks, being a same-sex couple, or the inability to have a child, among other things.

People who experience some of these problems can turn to surrogacy for help.

Surrogacy occurs when someone carries a child with the intent that another person or couple will become the parents.

To highlight such a selfless and integral role in many people's lives, I spoke to Zarah Hilliard, who is beginning her second surrogacy journey.

Before Hilliard became a surrogate, she became a parent alongside her partner. They have a three-year-old boy who they love dearly.

Following the birth of her son, a new chapter of Hilliard's life was about to begin. After a successful birth, she was able to become a surrogate for SurrogateFirst, a foundation that helps connect surrogates to those looking to become a parent.

Ever since she was a child, Hilliard knew she wanted to be a surrogate, a couple of years down the road she is about to begin her second surrogacy journey and is breaking down barriers as a Black and LGBTQ surrogate.

Hilliard is very excited to start her second journey, but that wasn't always the case when she was able to become a surrogate, during her first journey she was initially very scared.

Being a parent she knew the responsibility and experience of carrying a child, but carrying a child for someone else added a different form of pressure.

That fear was relinquished quickly as she says she had incredible support from SurrogateFirst and her loved ones.

Approximately nine months later, she would experience a whole new feeling as she was welcomed into this world, alongside two new fathers, and their little baby.

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She said it was a bit strange following the birth, in her previous birth, she went home with her own child, but this time she went home without a baby. A strange feeling surely... however, she has been able to keep in contact with the two fathers.

The two fathers currently reside in California and have loved sharing parts of their lives with Hilliard. They try to Facetime monthly, and share cards, and because both of the children's birthdays are separated by a few days, are planning on doing a shared birthday celebration.

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While the children share so much in common, so too do the parents.

With both couples being same-sex couples, Hilliard said it was almost cathartic to be able to bring this into somebody's life, just as she had felt with her own child.

Now starting her second journey, Hilliard explained how excited she was for this new opportunity.

Now more experienced in the matter, Hilliard said it was almost like internet dating. She would be able to view the surrogate profiles of those wanting to advance to the next steps of surrogacy, and she would be able to connect with people whose messages aligned with her own.

She has found a couple she really enjoyed, and is in the beginning stages of learning about them, and will be traveling soon to meet them in person.

Hilliard said she is really excited to be able to be pregnant and help bring so much joy into the lives of others, she can't wait to begin her second journey as a surrogate.

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