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'Look out for the hot pink mini car!' 5-year-old starts her own business

Posted at 5:47 PM, Aug 15, 2021

COLORADO SPRINGS — If you're ever hungry and there's no vending machine around, just keep a lookout for a bright pink car!

5-year-old DeAndrea "Two-Two" Smith is the driver. She uses her kid car for her business, called "Snacks by Two-Two."

"She loves snacks. Oreos are her favorite," said Mom, Jennifer Smith. "When we tell people that this is a real business, that's when we get the ohhhhs and ahhhs."

Smith says the hot pink car came from a family member as a present not too long ago.

"It's so big that it doesn't even fit in the house, and my husband was like we've got to do something with that," Smith explained.

Then Two-Two decided to start her own snack company, selling cookies, chips, and tropical smoothies.

"People like snacks," Two-Two said. "I just like smoothies. I like drinking mango. That's my favorite!"

With mom and dad's help, Two-Two picks different parks and events to drive around in. Parents nearby are drawn in because their children just want a ride in the "kid car,"plus they're hungry from all that playtime.

"They want to get in and ride with her. That's the main thing," Smith said. "She's a 'Kidpreneur'. My husband and I are entrepreneurs and she's seen us do it, and she wants to do it too."
Smith and her husband own OneBody Digital Printingin Colorado Springs.

"When she wants to buy something we tell her you have to have your own money. She says I do have my own money."

Proving to us all that you're never too young to start something on your own.

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