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Local Vietnam Veteran finds comfort in Colorado Springs

Posted at 9:10 AM, May 15, 2021

COLORADO SPRINGS — Stan Culbert served in the United States Army for 25 years. His military career started when he was drafted as a young man and sent him overseas to Vietnam.

Stan says it was a great honor to serve his country but when he came back to the United States, he wasn’t greeted with open arms. He says the Vietnam War didn’t sit well with all American citizens and he was left to feel unappreciated.

“I flew into San Fransisco International and it was not pretty. We were not welcome. Back then you didn’t want to be in town in uniform,” said Stan Culbert, a Vietnam War Veteran, U.S. Army.

Stan says he was spit on by some spectators at the airport. He says it was hard because he had been drafted and fighting for our country in the Vietnam War was something that he had no control over. He felt defeated once he got back into the United States. But still, the smaller communities did show gratitude for his service and he was able to find love from his biggest supporter, his wife. Stan says he refuses to think negatively of his time in Vietnam or his military career because he has lived a life full of blessings. A resident for 30 years, Stan says Colorado Springs is a special place that has helped him get past life’s hardships.

Stan’s wife passed away a number of years ago. He lost his best friend. But something he knows his wife would have loved is his ability to share his company with other people and to help put a smile on their faces. And that's exactly what he does at the Townhouse Sports Grill, a place with people he considers family. Stan doesn’t drink alcohol. He used to drink when he served but he’s preferred water since the early 2000’s. Yet, you can find him almost every day at the Townhouse Sports Grill in Manitou, not for drinks, but for good conversation and good company.

“Everybody loves Stan. I don’t think there’s as single person in this restaurant that doesn’t have a relationship with Stan. He’s just a really friendly person and no matter what he’s doing, even if he’s just sitting there drinking water, he’s there to support you and that’s just really uplifting,” said Brooklyn Mack a server at Townhouse Grill.

“Ladies my age, around my age come up and give me a hug and thank me and let me know that they appreciate what we did and they were a wife, a daughter, or whatever, a mother of those kids that back then went to Vietnam,” said Culbert.

Stan says he feels for the families who were never able to get back their soldier that went overseas. He says surrounding himself with good people has kept keep his soul young over the years. If you see Stan at the Townhouse Sports Grill, be sure to say hi. He’s always looking to make new friends.