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Local roofing company shares advice on how to beat the heat

Posted at 6:13 PM, Jul 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-19 22:16:09-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — Hot weather can be a challenge for people who spend their days working outside.

Roofers are on the job six days a week, regardless of the weather to get the job done.

"These guys have been contracted to repair and replace this roof. They've just done a complete tear-off, and they're just clearing the way for any debris that might be in the way of a shingle being placed down," said Sean Pate, Aspen Roofing and Exteriors.

The company specializes in roofing, gutters, painting, siding, windows doors, and garage doors.

"Right now, we are extremely busy. From spring to fall months of the year, we are busy all day long and getting calls throughout the week. There isn't much downtime hence us working six out of seven days of the week. Once it gets past Halloween, it'll start to slow down a little," said Pate.

It can be a tough job, but Pate encourages his workers to stay cool.

"You're exposed to the sun usually on a dark surface which can be more intense than just staying here on the ground. You want to stay covered up — maybe a hat, long sleeves, light clothing, and pants. You definitely don't want to be exposed to the sun all day long," said Pate. "A lot of the guys wet a towel or hat to put on their head."

This makes hydrating all the more important for roofers.

"Usually there is a cooler, and we have it full of ice with some water underneath. Everybody grabs something on their way to the job site that day, and they'll put their drink or sandwich in the cooler," said Pate.

Stopping every few minutes to hydrate which he recommends for people working outside.

"Find some water, it is a great source to keep you cooled down and you can have some fun too. Avoiding the rays of the sun, hats or wraps or staying inside. You can use sunscreen — 75 SPF or higher," said Pate.

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