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Local restaurant, market switching to no-tipping in 2021

Local restaurant, market switching to no-tipping in 2021
Posted at 10:40 PM, Jan 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-10 00:48:34-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — "Initially when you first hear there aren't going to be tips anymore you are like okay, I need to hear more," said Bethany Royalty, barista at Good Neighbors.

Russ Ware, co-owner of Good Neighbors, rung in the new year with a new no-tipping system at his restaurant, market.

"We began to take a really long and hard look at could we do something different, could we meet the same goals we have of equity across our team and the kind of pay level we want to see our team have, could we do it in a better way" said Russ Ware.

So now when you go to Good Neighbors, you will notice the prices on the menu are just a bit higher, 15% to be exact.

"The first thing we looked at is how have people been tipping at Good Neighbors already? Well it turns out over 15% on average and we said okay what if we took that 15% and instead of tipping we added it to the price model," said Ware.

In addition to the higher priced menu items, employees are now paid close to $16 per hour.

"We are excited about it. We like what the model represents, the staff loves that they are getting raises. They finally have a steady pay check. There are so many things internally that it helps and simplifies," said Ware.

Including Bethany Royalty, a barista at Good Neighbors.

"I think it has made it a lot easier for me to enjoy coming to work and to have a fun time on shift because I am serving and and enjoying it and I am getting payed for what I deserve for it," said Royalty.

Royalty has worked in the industry for four years, and while she's still trying to get used to not receiving any tips, she is happy to finally have a consistent income for the first time ever.

"I have never been able to make a budget before because I never knew what my pay checks would look like . They sometimes fluctuate $100. So, this past week I have been able to build a budget!" said Royalty.

Royalty shares that the community has embraced and supports this new movement.

"We are really blessed to work for a community that cares about us as individuals and they want what is best for us," said Royalty.

For those who still are interested in tipping, Ware says you can! Every month the restaurant will pick a new charity for the money to be donated to.

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