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Local glass artist shares an inspiring message

Posted at 5:14 AM, Sep 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-23 07:14:17-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — From her shop in Colorado Springs, Michelle Hair is making glass art.

“I am so focused on what it is that I’m doing at the time and so, I am being present. I’m not thinking about problems, the world’s problems, my own problems, so I feel like the energy of joy and love that I’m feeling with whatever piece that I’m creating is going into that piece.”

But Michelle’s story dates back to 2013 when this former dental hygienist took a trip to Salida with her husband.

“There was a lady there that was making glass art with a torch, and I remember thinking, “I wonder if I can do that? And I thought who is talking in my head? Because I don’t know why I think I could do that. I’ve never considered myself very artsy, very crafty, and so I came home and found someone who taught lessons and took a fuse glass class and so here I am, I would have never believed it.”

And after just months of practicing glass art, Michelle decided to leave her day job and set out on a creative adventure, as a glass artist.

“I am able to do my own self-expression so it’s not regulated at all, I don’t have to keep certain hours. That can be nice for structure but it kind of allows what wants to come out, to come out, so it’s just kind of everflowing and moving.”

Today, Michelle’s passion is on display. From beads to vases reflecting the fall leaves in Aspen, Michelle’s positive energy paints a picture of what life is like if you take that leap of faith and follow your dreams. Inspiring others to do just that is something Michelle continues to do through her glass art classes that she now teaches at her home studio.

“I mean their face just lights up, they get so excited, they are creative and they can create something beautiful that they can be proud of.”

Michelle says she places positive energy into all of her art pieces and she believes this energy is shared through each class, and purchase.