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Local 'Buy Nothing Project' gains popularity during inflation, rising costs

Local 'Buy Nothing Project' gains popularity during inflation, rising costs.jpg
Posted at 6:24 PM, Oct 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-27 21:04:42-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — As budgets are tightening, a local FaceBook group is growing. It's where you can find items you need without paying a dime. It’s called the “Buy Nothing Project,” and it’s helping people in our community.

There are hundreds of these kinds of FaceBook groups all across the country, and one just formed about four weeks ago in the Briargate area in northern Colorado Springs. The newest local group is growing quickly, and people in the group are giving away items at no cost.

Idgie Watkins and Cathy Kusman-Kelly are admins of the Facebook group in Briargate. The project's motto is give, ask, gratitude.

“The idea is to give where you live, and that's what we're trying to do,” said Idgie Watkins. “We do get a lot of folks who post gratitude and thank others for gifting.”

“Kindness is a huge piece of who we are,” said Kusman-Kelly. said Watkins.

It's a FaceBook group where you can post items online that you're giving away or would like to exchange, and you don’t have to pay anything. People give away clothing, appliances, furniture, food or anything they’ve been holding onto.

“We went from beds and furniture, and you know household stuff, pots and pans,” said Kusman-Kelly, who’s been a part of other “Buy Nothing” groups for over a year, and has given away hundreds of items. “It was to make an impact for someone else, because society was struggling right now and financially. And so this was to make a difference.”

You can even give your time and talent.

“Someone gave away plumbing work, and fixed something for their neighbor or things like that,” said Watkins.

The two said during a time of need, groups like this are gaining popularity.

“The economy is still trying to bounce back from being closed for two years. So we really need to try to help one another in that capacity,” said Watkins.

The “Buy Nothing Project” originally began in 2013 in Washington. Now, there are nearly 6.5 million “Buy Nothing” community members across the country.

“I have met some incredible friends and that's how I met Idgie, and how our neighbors are all speaking to each other again, and all of that is such a positive right now,” said Kusman-Kelly.

Not only is it helping your neighbors during tough times, it's also creating community.

“It makes a big difference. I think in the community, that's how you create community, by meeting one another's needs,” said Watkins.

“We love the “Buy Nothing” project. I love giving, I love sharing, I love the whole just being generous without giving anything back,” said Kusman-Kelly.

The two also say as the holidays are approaching, they’re hoping more people will join the group to donate items or get items they need.

For more information about the nation-wide project, click here. For more information about the local Briargate “Buy Nothing Project,” click here.

There are also FaceBook groups for central Colorado Springs, eastern Springs, the Woodmen area and Black Forest. Or it's easier for you, there is also a “Buy Nothing" app you can download, so you can still participate by using the app on your phone in your area.


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