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Local businesses prepare for big crowds ahead of "Meat Out Day" Saturday

Posted at 6:36 PM, Mar 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-19 20:38:44-04

SOUTHERN COLORADO — In response to Governor Jared Polis proclaiming March 20 "Meat Out Day," local businesses are expecting bigger crowds than usual.

Ahead of Meat Out Day, Santana's Vegan Grill Co-Owner Dusty Hernandez is staffing up and expanding hours on their delivery apps.

"We were glad to have the governor include us and make a day that's not necessarily for us but to just raise awareness. So we are very happy about it and it has our full support," said Hernandez.

With the proclamation, he expects a lot of customers to come in and enjoy their vegan menu. Santana's Vegan Grill is the only drive-thru vegan restaurant in Colorado Springs.

"A lot of our customers are not even vegan. We'll see a lot of people come to try this place and just come a second time, even though they don't follow a plant-based diet," said Hernandez.

He says following a vegan diet can help to remove cholesterol from diets.

"With cardiovascular being one of the causes of death among Americans, removing cholesterol completely will help avoid that," said Hernandez.

Firehouse On The Run in Black Forest is another restaurant preparing for Meat Out Day.

"Our goal tomorrow is loading up as much meat on our smokers that we can. We are offering 25 percent off the brisket and to protest our governor wanting to abolish meat tomorrow," said Jeff Schickler, Owner, Operator of Firehouse on the Run.

With Colorado being the fifth largest producer of beef, he says Meat Out Day could have a huge impact on local ranchers who've been through so much already.

"They have been through droughts, blizzards, covid-19 pandemic, all of that. They've suffered immensely," said Schickler.

He says they want to see record beef sales for Meat Out Day to support local ranchers.

"We are stocked up, we are smoking six cases of brisket a day. We are offering 25 percent off all brisket, sandwiches, to-go meals, family meals as well as our crawfish mac and cheese," said Schickler.

He plans on having a banner in front of the restaurant and a tractor to put smoke out in the road to help get the word out.