Local bakery uses its dough to thrive during the pandemic

Posted at 7:02 AM, Nov 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-23 09:18:46-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — Holiday orders and small wedding gatherings are keeping the oven hot inside Icing on the Cake Bakery, in Colorado Springs. Mischa Halberg owns the family bakery. Her daughters are the bakers, and the rest of the staff are treated like family.

"A lot of people probably think that it's difficult to work with family but it has definitely made us closer," said Halberg's oldest daughter, Madison Flater.

The bakery even has vegan option, thanks to Halberg's youngest baker and daughter.

"If you accomplish something unique and then it tastes good that's always a benefit," said Kendall Halberg.

Halberg says that same warmth is passed on to her customers when they come in.

"We love our customers. They social distance for us and wear a mask," Halberg said. "We just talk about design and price and try to work with each individual person on what suits their needs."

Lately, weddings have been canceled, which can also be a setback for a local bakery like this. Instead, customers are opting for smaller family gatherings.

"Our customers have kind of gotten to the point where they do a small little ceremony and postpone the big cake," said Chelsea Do, a master decorator for the bakery.

Halberg says she believes her recipes and customer care are what's keeping folks coming back.

"Our customers want us to succeed and stay open just as much as we do," Halberg explained. "We offer cookie and cupcake kits for people to take home and decorate treats with their families."

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