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Local artists hope to inspire community with new murals near Hillside Community Center

Posted at 8:24 PM, Jul 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-18 08:50:30-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — Local artists are working together to bring Colorado Springs' rich and diverse history to the forefront.

Colorado College Mobile Arts Program is creating two murals on bike storage containers at the El Pomar Youth Bike Park near the Hillside Community Center. These art pieces will shine a light on leaders who helped build the community, and inspire young people to learn about history.

"I really like it. All of the bright colors that come together, the hands coming out with the lock and key, and the plants that symbolize life," said Elana Yu, Shroud Scholars Program Participant.

She is among a handful of young people working to design the murals with the help of some artists.

"We are all working together as a community to make the mural for other people," said Yu.

"This mural specifically behind me means taking the specific and making it into the universal. The story of a seed being planted then it growing and sprouting into who we are, this park, the activities that take place here. The actual design of the mural and manifesting into reality," said Armando Silva, Greeley artist.

He was inspired to create the other mural of legendary baseball player Sam Dunlap. He broke barriers within the sport, and the community while building up the Hillside Community.

"I saw that he was a part of the Brown Bombers here in 49 and 50 so I connected with that a ton because I played sports. The idea of being the first at something, but being a champion at it. That is the hero arc — that you don't just show up and paint a mural but how do you show up and paint the best mural," said Silva.

His impact inspired Silva to paint his image on one of the bike storage containers.

"By painting his photo, it is almost like a mirror or reflection of whats taken place here historically, and introducing him to a younger generation," said Silva.

"We were talking to the elders about the Red Lining, how he got the community center founded, and bringing in youth who didn't know what to do after school," said Naomi Wood, Co-Director of Colorado College Mobile Arts Program.

For more information on the program and other events, visit the Colorado College Mobile Arts Program website.