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Lawmakers ponder establishing AI regulations and standards for the future

FTC and FTC join forces to combat AI generated voice calls. Meanwhile, Meta and Google are taking steps to label AI generated content.
Lawmakers ponder establishing AI regulations and standards for the future
Posted at 5:00 AM, Feb 27, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-27 20:22:37-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — Cyber experts say artificial intelligence is here to stay as more and more people and companies look for ways to leverage the technology. Conversations are now happening with the aim to establish standards for the tech.

Earlier this month United States Senator John Hickenlooper gave a speech urging our country’s lawmakers to take steps to regulate artificial intelligence technology.

Here is a statement from that speech…

“We’re at a historic inflection point with AI and society. And we need to be asking certain questions. Do we want to live in a world where Generative AI potentially displaces thousands of workers? Do we want our human creativity undercut by a Large Language Model? What rights should people have if they are harmed by a company’s Generative AI system?,” said Hickenlooper. “These should be answered by each one of us. And Congress, elected by the American people, should pass laws to carry out these decisions. Not the for-profit AI companies themselves.”

Hickenlooper says these AI regulations should focus on three main areas:

  1. To ensure transparency and user literacy
  2. To protect consumer data
  3. To build an international coalition to agree on global framework

”With all the hundreds of new companies that have opened up in the past year. That’s only a year old. So we’re still at the infancy of using this new technology,” said Pikes Peak State College AI Policy Chair Dr. Dennis Natali.
He believes transparency will be crucial when it comes to this technology going forward because it is easily accessed and can be used for deception.

”Now you can get deep-fake for your voice, for your actions, for video, for images. I can take an image and modify it with all the software out there and many people are using it. It’s a little scary that a person with very little skills can become a mastermind criminal overnight,” warned Dr. Natali.

While our lawmakers discuss what extensive AI legislation might look like, the Federal Communications Commission and Federal Trade Commission have already taken action. Now, making any AI generated voices in robocalls illegal.

”These two agencies the FTC and FCC are combining their forces to combat AI because AI has now infiltrated both the way we do commerce and the way we make that trade happen,” said Dr. Natali.

In the private sector, companies like Meta and Google are now taking steps to provide labels and disclaimers for consumers to alert them to AI generated content.

”That’s a brilliant first step and I applaud both of these agencies for making the step to say AI is there. We want people to know it’s not the real deal, this is artificial intelligence,” said Dr. Natali.

For more information on Senator Hickenlooper's proposals when it comes to AI standards and regulation.


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