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Lake Leak In Green Mountain Falls

Posted at 8:20 PM, Jul 30, 2019

GREEN MOUNTAIN FALLS — The lake at the center of town in Green Mountain Falls is leaking, a valve in the outlet that helps secure the water in the lake, failed, and the lake is draining.

However, the effort is underway right now to pay for temporary repairs to ensure the lake refills.

Mayor Jane Newberry told us it's no one's fault, just an old valve, but a long term fix and the money to pay for it, is really what is needed. "Ideally, she said, I would like to go for a much bigger fix and really replace the outlets so it looks more natural, drains safer, and is just more pleasing all around."

Mayor Newberry says the temporary fix should last a few years until the money is found to make additional repairs and upgrades. They expect the lake to start filling back up and looking normal again in a few days.