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Kids donate to help homeless youth

Students raised money and goods
Posted at 9:59 PM, Feb 06, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-06 23:59:07-05

Homelessness does not only impact adults in our community. A group of middle school students worked together to help raise money and goods for the homeless youth.

‘Jolena just, like I said, targeted it with compassion and problem solving and wanted to help the people instead of just talk about it,” said Matt Thomas.

Jolena Grohne is a sixth grader at Moutain Song Community School. She led the effort to raise money and goods with her classmatesto donate to “The Place,” a youth homeless center.

“We raised $120.19,” said Jolena Grohne.

That money is what it costs for somebody to stay one night in the shelter. In addition to that money, Jolena and her classmates also collected goods.

“There were so many things. There was like paper towels, and Windex, and yoga mats and it was awesome,” said Grohne.

One of Grohne’s teachers, Matt Thomas, says he could not be prouder of Grohne.

“She inspired me with her compassionate problem solving,” said Matt Thomas, Agricultural Arts Teacher at Mountain Song Community School.

Thomas says her compassion inspired the other students. Grohne just wants to make sure everybody is okay.

“Everyone deserves a warm place and food on their table every day and every night,” said Grohne.

“The Place” proudly received the donations. They want people to know there are resources for yourself and loved ones.

“Please reach out, there are people there to help and ultimately we all want to make sure everyone has a safe place to stay,” said Paige Dubman, The Development Officer with The Place.