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'It's nice to help people out': Local family spends day shoveling snow for military spouses

Posted at 7:50 PM, Feb 02, 2022

FOUNTAIN — While many kids spent their snow day out playing, some helped their community.

In the Cumberland Green neighborhood, it's all about community, especially on snow days.

"We go around the neighborhood and shovel for people who have spouses deployed," said Trisha Mathill.

"Some people can't do this so it's nice to just help some people out," said Tayte.

So it's up to Trisha, Tayte, Torey, and Trysten to help put their minds at ease.

"Their husbands are already giving back, they are fighting for our country,"said Trisha.

"They have some children and they need to focus on them. It's nice to help them out," said Tayte.

The kind gesture makes a big difference in their small neighborhood.

"It's incredibly helpful because with all of my kids there is no way I could get out here and shovel snow," said Britni Kent.

Her husband is deployed in Georgia, and she has seven children to take care of.

"She doesn't ask for payment or anything, she just does it because he's gone," said Kent.

The family has been shoveling snow for three years in the neighborhood.

"We also do the lawns during the summer. We mow, weedeat, and take care of the wives' lawns. About six years ago, we had six people on our street with deployed husbands," said Trisha. "Not everything is about money. If you teach them good community service, they'll hopefully carry that on with them."

"So then the world will be better," said Trysten.

The family only does their neighborhood, but there is a brand new snow removal app available. Green Pal connects homeowners with snow removal professionals.