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'It builds community:' Pueblo family building small library pantries for neighbors in need

Posted at 8:21 PM, Sep 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-14 10:05:13-04

PUEBLO — A family in Pueblo is helping those in need in their neighborhood. They're building small library pantries near their home full of food and books.

Chad Osborn decided to build the pantries after seeing a need in his community.

"We wanted to have something where they didn't have to ask, where they didn't have to worry. If they were hungry, they could just come by," said Chad.

With so many kids doing online learning, he says many families are struggling to keep enough food in the house.

"I have already dealt with and talked to a lot of people who struggle. Even though they're working, food is an issue," said Chad.

His two daughters, Stormy and Lillie, have been helping him with the pantries. Both girls say they're proud of their dad for always being there for their community.

"It's a really big deal for me, especially because of where we are. It may seem like not a lot that we are doing but to us and everyone around us. I feel like it is a lot," said Stormy. "Especially for the kids in the low-income area that we are in," said Stormy.

Chad says it all started after he made a Facebook post about the pantry which is located at the corner of Division and Spruce. Shortly after, he received dozens of messages from people wanting to donate.

"Friends have donated paint and people have been donating books, crayons, and coloring books. Tons and tons of food" said Chad.

Construction companies have also been donating material for the pantries. Chad says he uses refurbished material to make them and the only thing he buys is the concrete for the post. His neighbors say the pantries are going to benefit the community.

"I think it's more convenient because sometimes kids can't get to the library. Even if they walk a few blocks with a parent or older sibling, its still a good opportunity," said Debra Sierra.

Chad says the pantries have already brought him and his neighborhood closer together.

"It builds community. We have talked more to our neighbors in the last week than in the last ten years we've been here," said Chad.

The second library pantry will be located on Morrison Street. Anyone interested in having Chad build one in their neighborhood or wanting to donate can call him at (719) 248-9970.