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In four hours, 325 volunteers built new playgrounds, recreation areas for Salvation Army

Posted at 6:49 PM, Jul 11, 2019

COLORADO SPRINGS - — Four hours of work, and the community has two new playgrounds, a picnic area, a soccer field and a garden - among other recreation areas.

More than 300 volunteers did all that work to transform the Salvation Army's campus on Yuma Street in Colorado Springs.

It was all part of a mission to completely revamp and upgrade an unused part of the property.

All these volunteers want folks who rely on the Salvation Army's resources to know they're worth the investment, and they deserve to enjoy a brand new, renovated space.

At 8:30 a.m. Thursday morning, 325 volunteers with the Home Depot and the non-profit group KaBOOM! went to work.

"We're adding sod for a brand new soccer field, we're putting in mulch," project manager Grace Moore listed off.
"Areas for recreation, shade, and family gathering spaces."

"We have our admin offices, our food pantry, utility assistance, after school center, our church, the apartment for families, homeless vets," Salvation Army captain Doug Hanson described.
"And that's what all this is helping look awesome."

And four hours after the arduous labor began, a completely new space emerged.

"It's amazing how much 325 plus people can get done in such a short period of time," said Ryan Braddy with the Home Depot.

Among the new features, two playgrounds that will welcome kids ages two to twelve and serve as an after-school center and a summer camp area.

"They see that investment, and that they're worth it!" Hanson emphasized.

The investment translates into nearly half a million dollars worth of renovations.

But the reward is far more valuable.

"To completely transform this space and set the Salvation Army up for future success really gives me a lot of hope," Moore explained.
"That with multiple hands, we really can pull off something incredible."

It took six months of planning for this team to put the project together.

As part of the process, the design team also used ideas from the children who live in the on-site apartments for veterans and families to bring their vision of these playgrounds to life.