How to prepare for your return to the office

Posted at 5:54 AM, Jun 01, 2021

COLORADO SPRINGS — Many of you are starting to return to work, and adapting to changes while trying to get back to normal, can cause stress and anxiety.

First, experts advise getting vaccinated, and be aware of the safety protocols at your job, involving masks and social distancing. Ask yourself are you more comfortable? Even if they don't require masks, if you wish to continue wearing one, let you're employer know.

The other factor that could cause stress when it comes to going back to work, is getting out of your routine.

Experts suggest finding a way to make what's called a "Goldilocks plan." If you know that you need to go into the office for a couple of days per week, plan out what days you're going in.

"At the same time if something arises where you have to go in an extra day or you're requested to, be willing and able to be flexible with that," said Dr. Ryan Wagoner, an Associate Professor of Psychiatry. During an interview with our news partner, Dr. Wagoner said having a plan helps you and your employer stay on top of things.

Experts say employers also need to prepare to make this transition as easy as possible.

"What are the essential functions that need to be done in the office, what are the essential socialization needs that require us to be physically together, and listening to what are the family needs of our workers," said Dr. Joyce Bono, a Professor of Management.

Companies should be having conversations, not just about flexibility, but about autonomy. Experts also suggest reaching out to colleagues to share how you're feeling, and keep an open mind to this process.

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