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How to avoid heat exhaustion by staying hydrated in the heat

 How to avoid heat exhaustion by staying hydrated in the heat
Posted at 6:50 AM, Jul 20, 2022

COLORADO SPRINGS — It’s important to stay hydrated this summer as we continue to have hot temperatures, especially this week. But did you know that staying hydrated means you need to drink more than just water?

Water makes up about 60 percent of the human body according to the U.S. Geological Survey. But to stay hydrated in the heat, you’re going to need to fuel your body with much more.

I spoke with Dr. Ian Tullberg, M.D., Urgent Care Medical Director for UCHealth

and he says your body also needs electrolytes and salt in order to stay fully hydrated. While spending time in the sun, go for foods like fruit that have high water content. You can also add salt and sugar to your water or go for drinks that have electrolytes. If you don’t hydrate enough, you could experience heat exhaustion.

“That’s really the start of things when people don’t feel well. Maybe just a little bit of “I’m getting headachy, I’m getting a little bit nauseous. That can lead into something called heat stroke eventually and then you get into some really big problems that could put you up in the hospital,” said Tullberg.

Another thing to keep in mind is that summer camps are underway, and things are hot outside. It’s best to make sure you send your children to camp with sports drinks or fruits that will keep them hydrated. Let them know if they need a break from the sun, to speak up to their camp counselors.

Also, if you feel lightheaded, dizzy or muscle cramps, these could all be signs of hydration. This means get out of the sun, hydrate, and if it’s severe call 911.


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