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Helping the homeless in Pueblo survive the freezing temperatures

Blanket the City distributes goods every Friday, snow or sunshine.
Posted at 6:08 PM, Feb 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-12 21:09:27-05

PUEBLO — The snow isn't stopping Pueblo's community members from trying to protect the city's homeless, as freezing temperatures threaten their livelihood.

‘We know the weather’s cold. We’re out here trying to make sure that they’re out here and have what they needs, so they can stay warm stay fed," said Camelia Peterson, Founder of Blanket the City for Pueblo and Pueblo West.

At least four cars full of blankets, hot meals, and clothes showed up in the Target parking lot to deliver these items to a homeless community that sits just below the lot. However, trying to deliver these goods can be a challenge.

“For them, these camps are their home and if someone walked into my home I’m gunna be a little on edge, like what are you doing," said Peterson.

The Pueblo Police Department agreed, saying they typically do homeless community outreach, but find this method too risky during bad weather.

“People that are staying out there that think that we’re gunna chase them from the place that they’re at, obviously we’re not gunna do that in the inclimate weather," said Frank Ortega with PPD.

Ortega says the best thing community members can do is get involved earlier, before subzero temperatures hit.

“All these places help a large number of people throughout the year, and if you do donations or volunteer to help those organizations, it’ll be more effective help than giving somebody 20 dollars or something like that on the side of the road."

If you see anyone on the streets during the cold who may need shelter, you're encouraged to call PPD. However, they cannot force anyone to find shelter.

If you have any items to donate that could help keep the community warm, reach out to Blanket the City or Pueblo United.