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Governor Polis asks Coloradans to 'stay at home unless absolutely necessary'

Posted at 10:11 PM, Mar 30, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS — Plenty of essential stores are still open to the public during Colorado's stay-at-home order, but a reminder - think twice before you head out.

News 5 has heard from some local workers that people aren't respecting the order and coming into stores to buy non-essential items.

On Monday, Governor Jared Polis said people need to remember this is not a vacation and you need to stay home unless absolutely necessary to try and slow the spread of the coronavirus. We spoke with some shoppers who say they're trying to follow the rules and that they noticed the stores are really doing their part.

John Aker said, "I test fire hydrants so I need to get a couple things."

On Monday afternoon Aker made a stop at Lowe's to pick up items for his job.

"I need things constantly and I run out of things, fixing things and stuff like that."

He noticed while he was social distancing the store is also helping in the effort.

"Everybody's being really compliant actually with all the X's on the floors and stuff like that."

Over at Costco Siobhan Gallagher stopped to get food and other supplies.

She said, "I came for milk and meat, and some fresh fruit."

Her experience inside the store: "They wipe your cart down before you go in...they're not touching anything. They don't touch your receipt or anything. Lots of gloves. I see lots of the workers wearing gloves and they've put up these like clear plastic screens in between the register and you so that's kind of nice too."

Monday's reminder from Governor Polis was to "Please stay at home unless absolutely necessary. The more people stay at home the sooner we can squash this virus and people can return to work and supporting themselves...the trajectory of this in Colorado will be determined by your decisions and your choices - your choice to not go out or leave your home."

Besides limiting your time in stores Governor Polis says it's also important to not travel to our state's mountain communities where the outbreak is very serious. Instead - recreate in your own areas close to home while maintaining a good social distance.